About 3’kie’s

This year, I’ve been doing what I love most, for 25 years…
I have been capturing moments of life for so many special customers all over the world.
From a very young age, my favourite sound was that of the camera shutter and I was intrigued by seeing things and people differently.
I grew up in a family of photographers and creative people and this inspired me even more to live my dream. My teachers in school use to say “Driekie is a dreamer”. I use to think this is a bad thing and I knew I was a unique, but today, I do believe it is the day dreamers who change the world and makes it a better place, because all great ideas started with a dream.
One thing I know for sure is that we should never settle in life. Not in a relationship, not in a job, not in health and not in circumstances. Whatever you dream about, chase that. If it doesn’t stir the passion and the flame inside of you, it is not for you. I am not talking about quitting, I’m talking about growing.
Up to date I have photographed hundreds of weddings, babies, families & businesses and I am still growing and going strong.
I know that God gave me a talent and a passion & love for people and I trust that through my photography I can shine His Love & Light for every single person I have the privilege to capture through my lens.